Tuesday, 15 June 2021

The Road To A Chattering Maw

To Trip Upon The Rising Whipping Strut, 
In Timed For Not The Clicking Tick, 
As Dwarven And Buried As The Scarab's Scratching Gnaw, 
Then To Wards Of Oblivion's Laughing Glass Jaw... 
How Do The Cowled Howl To Spoon At A Moon's Gate, 
Under Naught The Saucer Nor Cupped, 
To See The Saw By Ruby Wooded And Stoned, 
And Bee For The Maw By Baby Hooded 
And Honed. 


*This poem was originally written for an Elder Scrolls Online player with the PSN name "bokurai" who offered me 2000 gold (in game) for a poem. Enjoy.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Have A Drink

Time Rhymes With Orange Rinds,
My Mind Is Not Of Yours Pined...
What Is Mine Not Yours,
Through My Walls Or Doors...
You Will Know As I Be Spined,
That Last Secret You Shall Find.