Monday, 12 May 2014

My Second Collection Of Poetry... COMEING SOON!


If You Are A Reader Of My Poetry And MayBe A Fan Of My Work,  Then You Might Be Pleased To Know That I Am Currently Getting A "New" Collection Ready For An Autumn Publishing Through Friesen Press.

My Second Book Will Be Titled "The Tangled Cedaring Sublime & Its Knotting InTo NoThing Of Time"... A Collection Of My Poetry From 2011-2012.

Here Is What The Cover Is Going To Be Like (Rough First Version)-

So... Here It Is. My Second Work Of Canadaian Poetry On The Way...

And Do Not Forget..! My FIRST BOOK "L'Oeil Du Minuit" Is ALLWAYS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE In Soft Cover Or E-Book Formats!


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Thank You For Reading!  And Please... Buy SomeThing Of Mine!

Richard William Kirkpatrick-Thorne
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Perennials In Parallax

Turns To Take,
On The Crushing Gritted Down,
NoWhere In Nor Out Of Its Serrated Fulcrum,
Surviveal Through A General Anesthesis,
To Appease The Scratching From WithIn,
The Frantic Struggle To Maintain Dormancy,
Flickering EyeLids In The Black Shimmer Of Satin,
Hearts In Stasis To A Rendering Of Cages,
EnThroned In Reviveal...In Approach To Its Melting Point,
Saturateion Of Flesh With Phantom Accumulation,
Assimilateing Into A Failing Sense Of Space...
Leaves To Rake,
On The LushFull Green Lawn,
Knowing Where To Be Ignored... Devout In Its Swinging Hammock,
Serveing All In A Self-Centered Assignment Of Duty,
To Will The Match InTo Strikeing Against Thumb,
The Gentle Combustion To Forget Romantic Demure,
Flames Licking Lashes In The Blue Summer Of Saturday,
Heated In The Smoke To A BeFriending Of Ages,
EnThralled By Desertion... By Appropriation And Its Mounted Pelt,
Desiccation Of Reason With Infantile Perennials,
Failing To Fully Accept A Sense Of Time.