Monday, 22 September 2014

The Insane Clam Poseidon

See How It Reigns Under The Surf?
Not At A Foot's Width To Fathoms Under Grace,
Nor To The Sweet Breeze For Morning Chariots,
ACross Such An Horizon Over Bubbleing Brew-Pots,
Beneath The Salty Bogs...Guarded By Its Rageing WhirlPools,
Its Tresses Of Kelp Draped And Trimmed,
As The Tortoise Burys Its Eggs Then NonChalantly Shimmys To Another Year At Sea...
A Bit Of Jealousy From The Mollusk,
For The Lack Of It Being Not As Nautilus Nor As One With Tusks,
And To Be Forgotten By Both Beagle And Swine...
With No Beard Nor Hands To Stroke,
To Groom A Sea-Horse To Leviathan's Yoke...!
The Ancient Ruins By Its Dominion Of Stars!
How The Old Albatross Has Lost Its Brother Olympus To Water And Wine!
From Once They Ruled Together High And Low,
But Now To Patience In A Kingdom Empty... While Others With Pearls...
If It Were Not For Curiousity...
Oh... Much It Be The Audacity Of Hecate,
Were It To Be Not The Fault Of Such A Flamingo,
Then The Ostrich Would Have Never Stuck Its Head In The Sand!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Orange Lounge

Tin-Can Cosmic,
Swing-AWay And Peel Back,
A Step Out Of Time To Kick It Empty,
Down The Corridor... To Its Ricochet,
Flip It Negative InTo The Air,
The White Room... Now A Black Room,
Now No Piano... Only The Horns,
No Whispering... No Talking... Only A Sound Of Elastic Distance,
No Going Back To Pick Up Where Space Left Its Mark,
Now Standing... One Hand... Holding Its Collapse,
Eyes Craveing For Corners...
No Corners... Now All Is Curved,
The Bend Around The End...
Corners Craveing For Eyes...
One Handing... Now It Stands... Collapseing Its Hold,
Back Where No Space Is Left To Mark Its Going,
No Whispering... No Talking... Only A Distance,
Now No Keys... Only A Pitch,
The Black Room... Now A Red Room,
Flip It Negative InTo The Air,
Drown The Ricochet... To Its Horrid Door,
Kick It Open To Step InTo Frame,
Swing-Back And Peel AWay,
Answer No Thing.