Friday, 13 June 2014

A Taller Tale For Soothing Grass

Little Baby With Arms Out,
Stretched To The Day For Silky Night,
Terrible Trees At Its Cradle's Feet,
Agony Sucked From Perforated Dryness,
StarLight Echoing InTo A Fidgety Mobile Universe,
Pacifying The Wounded Of Its Pity And Aligning ItSelf,
Molding Its Influence With Pulled Pablum Strings,
To Theorize The Deterioration Of Succinct Interiors,
Following ItSelf To The Fenced-Off Regions,
Naturally Selecting From Motives Electric,
Tub-Thumping Sick Bricks For Humane Donations,
Opening Umbrellas InSide Its CardBoard Closet,
Engineering Its Drugs To Reverse Fertility... To InCorporate The Body Politic,
On A LifeLine And Weening For Solid State Fidelity,
Bungeeing InTo A Left Over Rite Of Passage,
Dangleing In Reflection And ReCollected Measures,
Building Its Self High... From Both Sides Of The Saddle,
Over And Under To Claim A Pedestal For Its Ass,
While It Softens Its Breaking Of Water,
Constructing New Canals... Cemented Plots Through Older Burial Mounds,
Layering The Cloth... Folding Over... And Over,
UnTil It UnTills The Soil Of Its Presence,
And It Will Milk The Glaciers For Its Fill To Drift,
Leaveing Its Fat For Archaeology To Mine.

Monday, 9 June 2014

The Junction Can Not Scream Back To One's Own Need To Listen

Cross The Name Off The List,
Off The Page And Off The Past,
Etchings InTo The Quiet Deep,
Let Sleep Not Be As A Route To Struggle,
As It Forgets ItSelf While I Strain To Remember,
To Recognize Familyar Eyes In The Mirror,
While There Is Change Behind The Flesh,
The Bone Underneath Stays The Same,
Holding This Up... Keeping This All From Falling APart,
Teeth Under Lips Near Tongue And...
My Voice Through My Throat,
A Traveler On A Bridge From Heart To Ear,
Then From The Heat InTo The Earth,
Forwards InTo The Winding Waters,
Thicker Than A Trickleing Dawn,
Erodeing The Foundations Of Dusk,
To Surround Its Origination WithIn Rhythmic Dissidence,
Borrowing NoThing And Knifeing At The Roots,
Dissolveing... InTo A Sense Of Humor... Killing Interference...
Birthing Coherence When The Signal Stabs Back,
Static Fadeing With Its Laws,
Now To Mend When It All Crawls Out From The Shade,
At The Junction,
Crossed At Its Roads,
Am I My Voice As It Travels...
Or... Is It Being Me In Silence?