Thursday, 22 August 2013

Necronomicondominium Crumb (The Short Tale Of "HeavenLess Evan" & "Eric The Night-Goat")

Necronomicondominium Crumb,
The BeSpectacled Bread Of Flight And Worth,
Under The Earth... The Oceans Boil,
A Fossilized Hatchery Of Woe And MisCreation,
Fissure-Bobbing In The Pulling Gravity,
Where Darkness Is Smooth And Cold,
Rubbing ItSelf Against Your Deep-Suited Diveing Fear,
An Echoing Jeer...
SomeWhere Not Beige Or Taupe,
Neither In The Nether Nor In A Mother's Land,
Not With Knee-Highs Or Pantomime,
Shadows Cast No Fright WithIn The Tarry Deep,
A Mind With No Way To Speak Its Rind,
Sight Like A Orange With No Day For Rhyme...
UpOn The Knees,
The GingerBread House Of SchoolYard Sufferings,
Biologically Devoid Of Being Voided Of Logic,
When It All Makes Sense In The Lasting Minutes...
THAT Is When The UnderStanding Knows Its Limits,
All The Smaller Fishes Swim To The Light,
They Find Solace In A FisherMan's Net...
While The Curious Blink AWay The Stars,
To Catch A Glimpse Of Deeper Waters.

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