Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Grass Grows Legs

Let Us Scrape The Essence Of Deviation Off From A Citadel's Hanging Garden,
These Days Are Far From What Professionals Promised Us Through Phonics,
Abbreviations For The Lazy Handed Contractions On Blue-Lines Divideing Bottoms From Tops,
The Kissing Booth With Its Chalk Dust And Monitored Definitions Of Attention To DeRail
Detail From Two Track Minds Set On The BeTwixt Class Swig Reviveing Uppers From Downers,
The Missing Tooth With Its Locked Trust And Administered Ammunitions Of Detention To Avail,
Retail Froth Through Black Boards Wet Off The Better-Half's Seated Swing
Numbing Paupers And Prom-Crowners,
When All Is Far From Breath And Saxophones To Slow Dance
Amidst The Pink Bubble Lights And Baby-Blue Chaperoned Cheer,
Putting Out In The Sack For Black Wool And Golden Fleece,
Trials And Tribulations For Approval Rateings By The Apple's Sheen,
If It Was A MotorBoat Monday The Instructions To Race Would ReMain ReVised
For Viceroys And Country Mice,
The Streets Would All Be Flooded...
Lizards Would Rule From Former Avian Glory,
There Would Be Rabbits On Crosses For Lack Of Turtle Necks,
Brown-Sleeved And Slightly Scuffed To Allow For The Noticeable DisPlay
Of Patches On The Elbows,
Smelling Of Christmas AfterShaves And Cautious Dips InTo The PunchBowl,
EggNogging With Corsaged Roads To Course Loads Down The Toboggan'd Slope,
Boggleing The UnderGraduate Who Ends The Semester Pounding On The Bean-Counter For
Tents Up On A Loose Green Club Yard,
Rentals, Dentals, And Mentals...
AnyWay They Cut It... The Grass Grows Legs.

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