Tuesday, 3 December 2013

VittraStälle Över Hela Världen

Double-Dutch HopScotch,
Cotton Ginny Palm-Rub,
Eagle-Span For The Dregs Of Embezzlement's Wooden Indians,
A Weakness For Socially Accepted Monsters,
Swamp Gas Mud Masks And Rhine Stones For Birthing Rites,
Fat Under The Chin With Its Briny Deposits Of Dead Skin In The Folds,
Greasy Wallet Conduits InTo Veinyer Branchings,
To Grow OutWard Through The Perforations And Perfections In The Forestry's Fractal,
Demonstrations Set ASide For Cementing The Shell To Its Slug,
Yet In YesterDays UnderStood To Bet For Bitter Square Routes,
Only Dareing The Lunar Landing If The Surface Could Crack Its Integrity,
Another For Troubleing The Ghosts Of Descending Accents And Dialects In Wood,
Carveing Its Mothers From Fertile Saplings,
Eating Through The Cellulose With The Patience Of A Saint,
Burning Hard InTo Softer Territorys To Impregnate The Hollow Eves,
Days BeFore Leaves Curl To Beckon And Smoke,
As It Cocoons ItSelf For Silk Roads And A Taste Of The Dream Of Sand,
SideWinding As It Readys For FireFlys And Canopic Jars,
Breatheing Heavy But Supported In Sibling Rivalry...
UnderWorlds Call For It To Feed The Dryness Shared By SunDogs,
And Those Who Question Its Many Voices Often Answer Their Calling,
No VineYards For Such Wells To Moisten The Moon's Shine,
They Fall As They Look To The Recognized Parchments For Nursery Rhymes,
Tumbleing From A Infant's Grasp InTo ReLapse,
Back OnTo The Skips BeTwixt Words UnSpoken,
To Rest Gutted Like Gasping Astrology On The Cold Hard Ground.

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