Monday, 17 February 2014


Cloneing ItSelf InTo Submergence,
Splitting ItSelf InTo ReFormation,
InTo Subversion And PreDominateion,
Each Gifted With A Mouth For Weening,
Forgetting A Legion For The Solitudes Of Many,
Hollow-Tipped Lappings From The Flood,
Coiling Symbiotic Co-Dependence,
Siamese Time Machine Latched OnTo John Bunyan's Spine...
A Land Of The Vertebrae To Convert Far And Wide,
InTo Immersion And Commensurateion... Duellum Et Fide,
Teachings Lifted With A Bobbing For Apples,
Fortresses Built From WithIn Prosthetic Legends,
Mellow-Lipped Tappings From Above The RoofTops,
Boiling Symbolic Retrospectives,
Pertinent Vacuum Mechanics Switched ForeGoing The Laws Of Fluid Dynamics,
AHead Of The Origins Of Man To Invert Ears And Stride.

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