Friday, 6 March 2015

Finch's Hollow

With A Cat's Claws,
A Dry-Eyed Dead Dreaming WallFlower Scratches At The Glass,
Diamond Dazed And Playing For Keeps,
Begging For Cream While Wetting The Black Curtains,
Reaching Around Against The Competition,
Sex-Hauled Keepers Born To Wine And Its Skins,
While The Principle Set Lacks Cavalry For Its Educated Houses,
Breaking Brass To Melt Down For Memories Of Baby's First Steps,
As Those Round The Pot-Luck Light The Furnace And Get Tattoo'd For Tigers...
Arms Raised High With Hands Joined In A Circle,
Chanting In A Dark Gymnasium To The Chalkboard's Demon,
Pounding The New Spring InTo Cheap Pants,
For The Saints Of Nicotine And Valentine,
Hex-Cauled Leapers Shorn For Hypnosis And Apathy,
Pretty-Dime'd And Seduced By Faint Spells To Its Corrosion,
To The Stone Yards And Their Climbing Gardens,
WithOut The Meals For Dreary EarthWorms,
Burrowing And Borrowing And Boroughing ALong...
Nipping At Their Spoons... Dissolving Their Silver,
Wrinkle-Maw'd... On Retainers For Crow's Feet,
Flopping Out Secret Tits For Pearls And Hedged Mazes,
Floating With The Phantoms On Through To Bourbon.

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