Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Circe Would Be Proud

The Fire Alarm Screams
That High Cold Electric Squeal,
There Goes That Fat Piggy Running For The Exit,
His Ham-Hocks In His Ham-Socks
Run Run Running For The Door,
Curly Piggy Hair On His Burly Piggy Head,
Sweat On His Warted Piggy Tongued Brow,
Certain To Be Twitching In His Fat Piggy Pants
That Cork-Screw Tail To Do With A Piggy Pig Dance,
ABoard A Fat Piggy Bus To His Piggy Piggy Shack,
Then Get To His Invisible Piggy-Club Sty
Meet Up With The Secret Piggy Piggies That Spy,
All Scared Of Fire... Because Piggies Will Fry,
Though They Pray Piggy Prayers To Giant Pig Piggies,
For That Piggy Piggy Paradise Of Bigger Piggy Pigs,
Why Is That Piggy Such A Piggy Piggy Pig,
As He Pigs And He Pigs And He Pigs With Piggy Power,
As He Runs For The Exit For A Seat For His Piggy Pig Ass,
His Ham-Bone Pig Piggy Arms WindMilling... Carrying Him AWay...
Piggy Piggy Is Now UpOn The Wind... Beyond The Fear Of Frying,
He Is Flying...
He Is Flying...
He Is Gone.

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