Sunday, 20 October 2013

Manatee For The Mouths Of May

Milk Tea,
Open Sore Sunday Poor,
Triumphant As A Chinese Lantern,
Moon Shine Princes And Little Girls With Their Thumbs In The Dyke,
Wooden Masks,
Tree Hugging Messiahs With Their German Shepherds,
Leafy Piles Of Burning Autumns,
Fashion Statement Fridays,
Water Cooler Empires With Cone Cup Annoyances,
Paper Cuts In BeTwixt The Pinky And The Ring,
Lingering House Calls From Jehovahs,
Suicideal GreenPeace Cannibals,
Dolphin Pride Mixed Deliciously InTo The Flaked Tuna,
Free Range Free Masonry With Their Halls Of No Such Thing As A Free Lunch,
American Debt Machines Linked Together Like A Brideal Train,
Salad Bar Junkies... Junk Food Monkeys... River Rat Hobo Hookers,
Tai-Chi Yoga Lemmings...
The UnExpected Leap InTo Forgiveness,
LapDance BibleThumpers Who Need Love From Their Local Hell's Angels,
Coca-Cola Test Subjects With Dietary Supplements,
Actresses That Pretend Man Is A Myth,
Man That Seeks The Myth...
Oven Mitted Motherly Hubbard Sends Out Beach Boy GirlFriends...
Stock Market Crashes Because Of OverSpending On Trips To Mars,
Scientists On The Pill... To Know The Feeling Of Numbness From HandCuffs,
ClothesHanger Alley Way Strays Fat On Mystery Meat,
Surviveal Of The Fleetist... Eat And Run,
Rats Chaseing Cats Up Trees For Chippendale Rescues To Thicken The Cream,
To Curdle When Left Over... Cheap Cheese For Rodents...
Bottom Feeders In Their Bathyscaphes Turning The Screws,
Archimedes Pleading On The Wire To Bell For Watson's Assistance,
Ringing In The New Year With Newton,
Terrorized Of Heights But AllWays Jumping,
To Prove The Wool... To Mull The Leg... To Dragonize The Woo,
Preaching Hell On Earth... Paradise Off Its Flattened Edge,
Tilt The Hand That Feeds The Brow...!... For It Strokes The Temple And Knows Its Other's Clap,
Why Stop...?... Just Drop And Roll.
Then... To The Rope And Pole.

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