Sunday, 13 October 2013

Of Death And Tuxes

The Piece Of Cake Slices Its Wedge,
To Lodge In BeTwixt The Borrowed And The Blue,
The ArchWays Deprived Of Self-PreServeation,
Those Plastic Molded Castings Of PerFection
Hand In Hand Sinking InTo The Thinness,
Surrendering In Sacrificial Offerings Of Burned-Out Raceings
Around Precious Time And Capricious Space,
Brass Rings Grasped In Craveings For LeaderShip,
AllMost Poor Enough For A Wedding Free From Debt
Though AllReady Too Rich For The Greater Good,
Like Those Wisdom Teeth From Whence The Milk Once Hit,
Cracks Start To Appear...
The Silver Spoons Lay Tarnished In Their Maple Chest,
Registered In Spades To The Bride's Dismay,
While The Groom Stands Fit To Be Hung
For Cowardice En Route To The Confession's Blind...
No Man Be Present... The Mothers-In-Law Sob UnControllabley For The
Loss To Not Be Known,
And The Father Of The Bride Pays For His Tux The Old Fashioned Way...
AHead Of The Line.

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