Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Rubik Sarcophagus

Rubik Sarcophagus,
Twist And Turn,
Pieces Change And ReAlign,
Geometric Endocrine,
Meticulous Etchings From The Inside,
Grooves That Prove Valleys For Monarchs,
Revolveing UpOn Usurpation,
Locking Thumbs InTo Position,
To Carve And Whittle The Bones Into Keys,
One For The Hand That Knocks,
One For The Sand That Locks,
Both Halves Hideing The Solution,
Prying Eyes From Palming The Velvet Scratch,
Bandaged... Feeding Through,
Summoned By Its Silence... Breaking For It,
Synchronized With Its Fractureing Ebb InTo Reverence,
Painted Blue With Clouds,
Breast-Fed And Smeared With Ash,
Endowed In Time... Dowsing For Thicker Days,
Letting It Sleep... Screaming InTo Its Own Head,
New Movements For Old Cycles,
Twisting And Turning,
Pieces Change And ReAlign,
Guided... Gilded... Gutless.

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