Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Vincent Left The Necromanteion And His Beard Followed

SpyGlass Hours Cascadeing InTo Skeleton Racks,
Umbilical Construct Beyond The Twist Kaleidoscopeic,
Under-Water While I Wait This Out,
Wade To The Other Side When The Shadow Passes OverHead,
Wave To The Smothering Tide Then All Else Fails,
Sails Bellowing And Pulling The Trumpeted Sky InTo Focus,
Frothy Fingers Hooking InTo The Stripping Burn,
To Clutch At And Cling OnTo This Rocky Jagged Reef...
Madness Be A Dream In The Minds Of The Damned,
Best To Lock Up Your Baited-Breast 'Fore I See You Breathe Relief,
As You Reveal Belief Before Dread And InDifference,
These Shallow Wines For The Bobbing Headed To Acheron,
While This Table Must Be A Mirror's Figment Of Speech,
For The Trickster Who Be A Third Its Width In The Slight,
To Join Me In Illusion As I Seek None,
To Approach As Ahab Would To Recruit A Ghost...
What Privilege To Such Spirit In The Fletching Of Arrows,
To Flesh Out The Details Of A Fish Gasping For A Saint,
While I Count Out The Ways To Rhodes,
And Row ASide For Colossus-Timed Civility,
Not That I May Play As Mutton To The Blind Stride,
As I Was Never A Victim To Such The Pact Of Patience,
So No Myths Would Carry My Names' Ache...
You Do Realize How Much I Despise A Despot?


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