Saturday, 25 October 2014

Coffee Cups And Candles A'Long The Way A'Round

The Mortal Coil,
Digesting Reciprocity With Every Twist Of The Tail,
The Never Ending Spiraling Masquerade... Waltzing Royal... Black And White,
Batting The Eye's Lashes With Its Cow-Like Gestalt,
While From Behind The Rose-Tinted Lens... Bishops And Pawns Beat Their Chests Raw,
Hearts In Aquariums While Thoughts Sink Like Concrete Messengers,
The Kindness Of Ignorance Is What Turned Out Humps On Wednesday,
Sympathy Fucks And Finger Sandwiches... Recession Driven And Crust-Less,
All Can See That The World Is Made Of Two Levels... But Bricks Are Heavy,
And Secrets Are Guarded Before Doors Slam Open... While Knobs Can Turn...
Candy-Guns In The Hands Of Skirted Protectors,
Coyote-Ugly Pulling The Trigger... Under The Thumb Of His River God,
Sheltered With The Suspicious Element Of Surprise And A Bag Of Its Tricks,
A Barrel Of Monkeys In Every Shake Of Its Paw,
As If Organized Through The Momentum Of Collision To The Camera's Pinch,
To Silt A Dog-Day For A Whale-Watcher,
Green Fields Where The Poppies Grow,
With Its Ceremonyal Pissing On The Side Of A Monument...
All For The UnKnown... 
To Be Known... Named... Only In Times Of Cost... And Candles.

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