Friday, 17 October 2014

Aryabhata's Predicament

The Oaf Is On A See-Saw,
Flipping His Wallet Up InTo The Air,
Swinging It On A Chain,
Catching Stares As He Jerks Them Towards His Gapeing Face,
His Eyes Pointy And Dumb,
He Sits Tight And Fat... Rideing Each Bump Like It Was His First,
While He Borrows A Friend To Dive The Totter Up And To Shake The Teeter Down...
Droplets Of Noon Sweat Arc Into The Marshmellow Sky,
It Is Business Class All The Way,
To Hell With Milk Money Like Molasses And Jackie Onassis,
There Is A Genuine Cause For Concern Among The Marble-Jetters
As The Rusty Stress Of Congress Begins To Squeal,
An Orbital Leverage Was Once What Held The Playground Up,
But As Greasy As The Bolt Could Be... EveryThing Falls...
To Bullets And Ballads,
Stomping Chubby Feet Minute After Minute,
Chomping-Simple Machine Wired For The Suspension Of Polarity,
Jaw-Slacking Pulley System To Link The Mind To Its Beauty-Sleep,
With One Thumb In A Thimble And One Pot To Watch Boil Over...
Keeping An Ear On The Music... The Borrowed Friend Now Disengages From The Tired Game,
Bored Of Dieing... Now To The Swings He Saunters Sullenly... 
The Alpha Male Saddles Up,
To Put The Program To The Test And Check Breaking Points,
His Mother's God Put Fuzz On His Cheeks... Youth Fizzing Right Below His Nose,
It Is Done So He Remembers His Turn On The Ladder,
And He Grips The Bar And Heaves Up...
The Oaf  Smiles And Sits Drooling... For A Split Second... Before He Releases Tension,
Giving His Best Attempt To Rub Out The Metal's Curve,
Though It May Take Several Attempts For The New Guy To Come Down,
And He Will Eventually Admit Defeat... From Some Niche Near Sun-Dogs And Space-Trash,
But Not Before A Shadowy Recession Hits The Land,
And EveryBody Notices How Heavy Buddha Got On The Ride Home.

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